Fundació Nord


The Foundation

Fundació Nord is a non-profit foundation created with the goal of promoting and implementing new digital technologies, in particular #blockchain technology, in order to facilitate the digital transformation of society by empowering citizens and bridging the digital divide from a social and ethical perspective

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Blockchain technology: research and development

Creem projectes basats en Blockchain, amb investigació pròpia i desenvolupant projectes d’innovació tecnològica per a institucions, empreses i associacions..

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Girona 5.0:Economic and regional promotion

Fundació Nord fosters cooperation between citizens, administrations, institutions and businesses in order to turn Girona into an ideal hub for the implementation of new 4.0 technologies.

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Bridge the digital divide: training, studies and research

We promote the digital transformation of society by organizing training sessions and specialized courses, studies, conferences and activities that help create a more digitally cohesive society.

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